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Installation of Encouraged Present Cathodic Protection System

 Cathodic Protection System

The department adds upkeep to 108 numbers of suspended marine plow through all over Hong Kong. Suspended deck buildings are invariably constructed of strengthened concrete (RC) and are area to reinforcement corrosion in the competitive marine environment.

The sturdiness of RC structures is largely depended on the condominium of the embedded reinforcement. In the tidal zone and the splash zone, water and oxygen contents are surest for reinforcement corrosion to arise The volume of corrosion products (i.e. rusts) occupies some four times the original quantity of the embedded steel and the forces due to such increase in volume lead to concrete spalling and cracking. Our experience displays that reinforcement corrosion begins usually accompany with indicators of rust stains,concrete spalling and cracking of the under-deck structural aspects at about 15 years after of entirety of a new pier.

The established concrete fix method (i.e. removal of faulty concrete for reinstatement by patch repair sprayed concrete or partial recasting) is vivid term in nature and can only repair the structural integrity briefly and therefore the subsequent repair of such aspects would be repaired in brief durations of less than seven years. It is envisaged that repeated cycles of such repairs if carried out, would necessarily impair the structural integrity of the pier-deck beam elements.

As a long run solution to celeb the reinforcement corrosion in the pier deck, we design and set up stimulated at the moment cathodic protection (ICCP) techniques at a few dinner party piers. This approach would significantly cut the frequency of repair and hence in long term, accomplishing cost-effectiveness in the maintenance of piers.

What is ICCP system?

metal in concrete is included against corrosion by a passivating gamma ferric oxide movie which forms on the metal surface because of the highly alkaline ambiance produced by cement hydration. In the presence of chloride ions, oxygen and water in concrete, the passive film on metallic is destroyed and rusting due to anodic and cathodic reactions occurs The idea of cathodic protection is to apply adequate at the moment to the metal reinforcements so that the rate of steel dissolution into the surrounding electrolyte or easily the anodic current is both stopped or decreased to an correct tiers Thus, making the capabilities of reinforcement more negative and resulting in the acceleration of cathodic response and the reduction of anodic reaction.

A simple ICCP equipment comprises an anode meant to distribute the cathodic protection current to the embedded reinforcement, through the concrete. The system also contains cables connecting the useful and poor terminals of a rectifier wearing DC current to the anode and to the reinforcement respectively.

Cathodic protection systems

prevent electrochemical reactions in case of corrosion

Buried pipelines are costly investmentKKA items To avoid pipelines from being destroyed by corrosion, they are basically covered by paints and coatings. although even the slightest harm or cracks cause corrosion, ensuing in leakage which can lead to enormous damage to fabric assets and the environment

One way of fighting the electrochemical reactions in case of corrosion is encouraged present cathodic protection (cathodic protection rectifier). To avoid hearth or failure of the cathodic protection rectifier, for instance due to the large interception areas of the pipelines and their direct galvanic connection to the cathodic protection rectifier, lightning and surge protection measures are required.

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